Why The Thinking Investor?

Cloning and using mental models has been a winning combination for the majority of successful investors, so we’ll dig into the best cloning tools and mental models out there to add to your toolbox. I want you to actively think about my content to help them reach your own conclusions on your investing journey.

Content is posted every Wednesday afternoon.

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Topics discussed:

  • Analyzing quotes from the best investors and thinkers out there to give useable knowledge to help build out your own investment principles

  • Deep dives into interesting companies I want to add to my watchlist, and companies that I already own. Keeping up to date on the fundamentals is a must for any successful long-term investor.

  • The occasional analysis of industries that are relevant to my circle of competence. Current examples would include gaming, cloud, fintech, e-commerce, semiconductors, non-invasive aesthetic devices, real asset development and management, and vertical market software.

  • How mental models from a multitude of disciplines can be used to improve your analytical skills.

  • Investor Mistakes. This will cover many of the mistakes that I have made, mistakes I see others make, and the most efficient ways to try and remove these mistakes from inhibiting your success.

  • Book/Video discussions that I find interesting and educational.

  • Personal portfolio updates. A quarterly update. This might be different than what most people do as I won't be reporting quarterly results. Why? It's irrelevant to my investing goals. What is relevant is how I'm viewing specific holdings, my thoughts on my holdings management, capital allocation skills, reinvestment skills, changes in competitive advantages, and growth prospects.

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